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7 Tips To Use Golf Clubs the Best Way

According to statistics, there are more than 66.6 million golfers worldwide. Are you one of them, or do you plan to join the sport? We can’t blame you if you do. 

Golf is an entertaining sport where, most of the time, you play against yourself, improving your skill with time. The game challenges both your mind and body, making it quite rewarding.  

However, like any other sport, golf is nothing without its equipment, which mainly includes its clubs. Therefore, if you want to become a great golfer, you must learn to use golf clubs correctly. 

Dig in as we share a few tips to do just that. You never know these tricks might help you become the next Scottie Scheffler one day. 

What are Golf Clubs Anyway? 

A golf club is one of the most important equipment in your gear. It is used to hit the golf ball in the game and contains a shaft with a club head. You are allowed to keep a maximum of 14 golf clubs at a time during your game. 

Retail sells traditional combinations as matched sets. However, you are free to pick the combinations of golf clubs you like. 

There are five categories of clubs: woods, hybrids, irons, putters, and wedges.

  1. Wood Clubs: They have large heads and shafts.
  2. Iron Clubs: They are comparatively smaller.
  3. Hybrid Clubs: These are a perfect cross between iron and wood options and are pretty new in the market. 
  4. Wedges Clubs: These are the most lofted ones and are perfect for shorter approach shots. 
  5. Putter Clubs: They come in three different styles of club heads and are available in many lengths. If you need a specialized golf club with a large variety, we can’t recommend putter golf clubs enough.

Regardless of which golf club you choose, you must know how to use them properly. If you don’t, you may end up losing the game you always wanted to ace. 

Keep reading for valuable tips that will make you a golf pro sooner than you can imagine. 

How to Use Golf Clubs Properly?

Here are some helpful tips for both beginner and expert goal enthusiasts. 

Focus On Your Grip 

You may see yourself gripping the golf clubs tightly to ensure you are in control of this tool. However, that’s the biggest mistake you might make to win the game. 

The right grip pressure is an essential aspect of properly using golf clubs. It should be just right – not too much or less. 

As a general rule of thumb, the weight of your club should be around your body rather than on a certain hand placement. A relaxed grip will let your club head turn over naturally. This results in creating better distance and accuracy. 

You can choose several grip positions depending on your overall comfort. Here are some excellent options:

  • Baseball Grip: This one is similar to holding a baseball bat. There is nothing wrong with this grip, but your fingers will be disconnected from each other. 
  • Overlapping Grip: This grip position solves the above problem by ensuring that each finger overlaps with the other. 
  • Interlocking Grip: To experience the most stability while holding a golf club, you may want to try the interlocking grip. Golf kings like Tiger Woods use this grip position, which interlocks your left and right hands on your club’s underside. 

As a beginner, you may feel intimidated by the whole grip and hand placement dilemma. But with time, you will get used to these critical rules, putting the ball in the hole effortlessly in every game. 

Adjust Your Ball Position 

You may get a new, longer club and witness a change in swing, giving you a hard time making the right shorts. However, the truth is that the distance between the ball and your club is probably causing the trouble. 

To overcome this issue, you should always plan to adjust your ball’s position before starting a game with your new club. 

According to experts, your golf ball should be placed in the stance’s middle and then positioned forward as your club gets longer. 

You can position your ball by following the step drill concept. 

  • For iron shots, move half a step left and then right to place the ball. 
  • If you have wood or hybrid shots, use your lead foot to take a third step and then move the trail foot for two-thirds of a step. 

You are all good with your game as long as your ball is perfectly placed. 

Don’t Take Your Alignment Sticks for Granted 

Do you have alignment sticks? They are a perfect practice tool before using your golf clubs. However, you must utilize them correctly to give you a good outcome. 

If you are a right-handed golfer, instead of aiming your rods directly at your target, you should aim them slightly left of it. 

This is important because golf is a side-on game. You must ensure your body line is parallel to your target. 

This may seem daunting to practice at the start of your golf-learning experience. But with the help of a friend or a trainer, you may ace your alignment with time. 

Don’t Just Rely On Your Arms and Hands for a Perfect Swing 

This is a common mistake most beginners make. When using golf clubs, they keep their body while relying only on their arms and hands to make a swing. 

Don’t do that! 

Understand the basic swing mechanism, which involves your entire body rather than just your hands. Your hands only help the club move up and down. You need to move your entire body, including your hips, lower body, and torso, to swing the golf club around you. 

Rotate your hips and chest properly without using a club. This is a great exercise to practice. Notice how your body’s weight shifts between your legs as you make the swings. 

Additionally, bend your knees but slightly. A swing with your knees straight and stiff is a huge task. Therefore, if you want to be a natural golfer, let those knees bend in a comfortable position. 

As you bend, distribute even weight between the balls of your feet. This may help you shift the weight forward and backward as you perform the swinging motion. 

With time, you will get used to the movement with a golf club in your hand. This will help your body feel free and athletic over the golf ball. 

Make Sure that Your Wrists are Correctly Placed 

Do you want to generate a fast club speed and a great strike? If yes, make sure that your wrists are set correctly

To achieve that, practice the art. Here are a few steps you can take before finally holding your golf club for a game. 

  • Break your swing down to three-quarters by swinging back as high as your waist with your shoulders. 
  • Once done, cock the wrists deliberately from your thumb joints so that your club finishes while pointing vertically. 
  • From this point, swing down, finishing with your thumbs pointing to the sky.

The entire process will help you create a well-controlled three-quarter swing with a solid wrist set. 

Always Keep Your Head Still

Nearly everyone with a golf club is asked to keep their head down and still. This is to prevent your head from being knocked off by the ball. 

Similarly, always chin up while swinging. This position of your chin helps you move your shoulders freely, saving you from a horrible lateral slide that may follow. 

Once you have hit the ball successfully, let your head move and come up naturally. If you Don’t, you might decelerate and just top the golf ball again. 

Take this tip seriously if you want to avoid a bad shot or an accident that may make you dislike golf again. 

Play More to Get Used to Your Golf Clubs

To use your golf clubs correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with them, and that is only possible by practicing the game with them regularly. 

Start building your confidence by playing 9 holes from a short distance and moving back as you improve every day. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed or frustrated when missing a shot. 

Progress in the game smartly until you are confident with your position, grip, and the capability of your tools. 

Ways to Maintain Your Golf Clubs for a Long Time

You will soon become a golf pro by following the above tips to use golf clubs correctly. However, to ensure that your clubs perform just how you want, you must always have them in their top-notch state. 

Here are some ways to keep your clubs as good as they were when you first bought them. 

  • Store them inside at room temperature instead of in your car’s trunks. Hot temperatures may loosen the glue that joins the club head and grip together. 
  • Wipe your clubs with a specific golf towel. This accessory doesn’t have to be expensive. But make sure it is clean at all times. 
  • Keep your club grips clean from sweat, sunscreen, or water. This helps the grip to last longer.
  • Use a bristle brush, water, and soap to clean the club heads between play. Ensure to wipe it off with a towel after a good clean-up. 

Wrapping Up

It’s great that you have finally decided to embark on a journey to become a great golfer. Remember, it won’t be easy, but with practice, you will finally reach your destination. 

Look after your tools and use golf clubs as instructed above. Regular practice and your motivation will handle the rest.