Best Budget Golf Rangefinder: the complete list

Best Budget Golf Rangefinder
Know your distances and improve your scoring!

If you currently don’t use a rangefinder or measuring device. You are without doubt losing unnecessary shots due to inaccurate yardage. Rangefinders can be expensive, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of the best budget golf rangefinder.

Of course you still need to take into account wind and other factors. But knowing you have the exact right distance on the ground is a huge advantage.

Rangefinders are a measuring device that you look through similarly to a telescope. They enable you to laser the flag or other objects for an accurate distance.

They are straightforward to use and can be a revelation to your club selection process! We hope you like our list of our favorite budget rangefinders and more importantly, we hope you find the right one for your game and budget!

Below you’ll find our list of our 8 favorite budget rangefinders, as well as two alternative GPS watch options. If you are unsure about which device is better for you, we cover all that in this piece as well!

Our List- Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

-Alternative Options-

Benefits Of Using Rangefinders

Benefits Of Using A Rangefinder

There are a number of benefits to using a rangefinder, that we think can really help your game!

Firstly, the more obvious one, knowing you have the correct distance. This is something that helps everyone, no matter your playing level.

Even for beginners or high handicappers, having accurate distances will shave shots of your game.

Secondly, it speeds up play. No more pacing out yardages from distance markers and guessing how far on the pin is! Using a rangefinder ensures your not wasting any unnecessary time or energy, calculating yardages.

Another huge benefit is when your playing new courses or ones your unfamiliar with. Rangefinders can also be used to shoot objects such as trees and hazards, so when your playing new course you can ensure your staying out of trouble!

With all this in mind, you should really start to understand just how beneficial these devices are!

Overall- Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

Overall, Best Budget Golf Rangefinder, Wosports H10
Wosports H10 AG Rangefinder


  • 800 Yard Scope
  • Slope On/Off Function
  • Flag Lock
  • Vibration Lock Confirmation
  • Fully Legal For Tournament Play
  • Yards Or Meter Switch

Wosports H10 AG Rangefinder

If your looking for an all round great rangefinder for a budget price, the Wosports H10 is a great budget option for you.

The Wosports H10 is our favorite budget rangefinder. The H10 has all the same features as the top of the range rangefinders, but for half the price!

Here your getting 800 yards of scope, so your never going to be too far away from the pin to get an accurate yardage.

As well as this, the H10 rangefinder provides a flag lock setting. As a result you can ensure your hitting the pin, rather then an object in the back ground.

All you have to do is wait for a vibration confirmation, and this confirms your number is the desired one.

On top of this great feature, you also have the option of slope adjustments. This feature shows you what the true yardage is, by taken into account the slope.

This can be turned on or off, which is important as this feature is not allowed in tournament play!

The Wosports H10 also provides the option of yards or meters. So it really does cover all aspects, no matter your preference of measurement!

Super Cheap- Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

Super Cheap, Best Budget Golf Rangefinder, Acegmet Q9
Acegmet Q9 Golf Rangefinder


  • 650 Yard Scope
  • Yards Only
  • Slope
  • Flag Lock
  • Vibration Confirmation
  • Focus Ring

Acegmet Q9 Rangefinder

If your really on a tight budget, and you don’t want to spend more then 100 dollars. The Acegmet Q9 rangefinder is a great option for you.

The Acegmet Q9 is our favorite super cheap rangefinder, and for good reason.

Here, your getting a rangefinder with 650 yards of scope and flag lock technology. So unless your playing the longest golf hole in the world, your going to be just fine!

One of the key features that we really like about the Acegmet Q9 is the focus ring. This feature allows you to change the focus on the lens, which is a great addition as everyone has different preferences.

As well as this, you can be sure your hitting the actual pin, thanks to the Q9 provides vibration confirmation technology. Meaning you’ll feel and hear a vibration, when the pin is correctly hit.

We do really like this rangefinder, however, if you want this rangefinder for strict tournament play. Then the Q9 is not the rangefinder for you, as the slope feature can not be turned off.

As well as this, yards is the only measurement feature on the Q9. So just make sure neither of these factors will affect your usability before you buy it!

If you want to see the Q9 in action, click here to see a video review of the product.

Durability- Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

Durability, Best Budget Golf Rangefinder, Precision Pro NX9
Precision Pro NX9


  • 600 Yard Scope
  • Flag Lock Technology
  • 6X Magnification Lens
  • Vibration Confirmation
  • Slope On/Off Switch
  • Shock Proof Design
  • Yard Or Meters
  • Magnetic Cart Mount

Precision Pro NX9

If your looking for a high quality and durable rangefinder, that is still that bit cheaper then the top of the line models. Then the Precision Pro NX9 is a great option for you.

With the Precision Pro NX9, your getting a super high quality rangefinder for well under 300 dollars.

The NX9 is one of our favorite rangefinders. Here, your getting a product that competes with the likes of Bushnell, when it comes to quality. However, the NX9 offers much more attractive pricing.

The NX9 offers 6X magnification and flag lock technology. Meaning your not going to have any problem finding the flag stick, or getting accurate yardages.

As well as this, you get a vibration when the flag stick has been hit. So you know you’ve 100% hit your target. The NX9 also features a slope on/off switch, so you can use it in tournament play.

What we really like about the NX9 is its durability and ease of use. The NX9 features a shock proof design as well as a magnetic mount. As a result you can easily stick the NX9 rangefinder to your cart or even one of your iron heads!

Of course you can also easily change from yards to meters if this is your preference!

Golf Brand- Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

Golf Brand, Best Budget Golf Rangefinder, Callaway 300 Pro
Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder


  • 1000 Yard Scope
  • Pin Lock Technology
  • Slope On/Off Switch
  • Vibration Confirmation
  • Fully Legal For Tournament Play
  • Yards or Meter Switch

Callaway Pro 300 Rangefinder

If your looking for a good rangefinder for slightly less then the top of the range ones. The Callaway Pro 300 is a great option for you.

Here, your getting a rangefinder that you know is good quality, as Callaway golf never under deliver! Or sell customers short.

Of course, this also means the Callaway Pro 300 is going to be that little bit more expensive then the previously mentioned models. However, you can still expect to pay under 230 dollars for this rangefinder.

With 1000 yards of scope, the Pro 300 has you covered from all angles. However the pin lock system only works from inside 300 yards, and lets face it, that’s all you’ll ever need.

The Pro 300 also provides slope measurements, as well as the option to turn this feature on or off. Which of course means, this rangefinder is fully legal.

Another useful feature of the Pro 300, is the magnetic covering. This enables you to stick it on the frame of your golf buggy, so easy access is always an option!

You can also easily change between yards or meters by changing the settings. So the Pro 300 really does cover it all!

Premium- Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

Premium, Best Budget golf Rangefinder, Bushnell Tour V5 Shift
Bushnell Tour V5 Shift


  • 1300 Yard Scope
  • Slope On/Off Switch
  • 6x Magnifying Optics
  • Visual Jolt Technology
  • Pin Lock Technology
  • Yards/Meters Switch
  • Fully Legal

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Rangefinder

If you want a top of the line rangefinder, this is as good as it gets. Of course this is a premium priced rangefinder, so this is for those of you with bigger budgets.

The Bushnell Tour V5 Shift provides 1300 yards of scope, as well as every feature you could possibly need!

The Tour V5 shift provides the option of slope readings, as well as yards or meters. You can change these settings which ever way you like, meaning the tour V5 is fully legal for tournament play.

Here, your also getting 6 times magnifying optics. Meaning the target appears 6 times closer in the lens than it actually is in real life. So you really are getting great visuals.

Another great feature that we love, is the visual jolt. This accompanies the vibration confirmation when you lock in on the pin. This is a red circle that appears through the lens, which effectively provides that extra confirmation!

If its quality your after, it doesn’t get much better than the Bushnell V5 Shift rangefinder!

Quality Optics- Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

Quality Optics, Best Budget Golf Rangefinder, TecTecTec VPR0500
TecTecTec VPR0500


  • 540 Yard Scope
  • PinSensor Technology
  • No Slope
  • Yards Only
  • Fully Legal

TecTecTec VPR500

This rangefinder is perfect for anyone searching for really clear optics. As well as not being overly concerned with slope readings.

The TecTecTec VPR500 provides really good visuals and a clear picture. As well as providing a 540 yard scope, which by all means covers all hole lengths!

Here, your getting a straightforward rangefinder, that priorities quick function and clear visuals. If its fancy features your looking for, the VPR500 is not the rangefinder for you.

The VPR500 rangefinder works only in yards and does not have pin lock technology. However it does feature pinsensor technology, which helps accurately measure subjects that overlap.

Meaning you’ll get the reading of the closest object, which helps ensure your hitting the pin. However, there is no vibration confirmation so be wary!

This rangefinder is great for shooting general objects and provides great durability. But, if your not used to using rangefinders, your better of using one that does have pin lock technology.

Under 200$- Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

Under 200$, Best Budget Golf Rangefinder, Precision Pro NX7
Precision Pro NX7


  • 600 Yard Range
  • Slope On/Off Feature
  • Pin lock Feature
  • Vibration Confirmation
  • 6x Magnification
  • Yards Or Meters Option

Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder

If your looking for a really high quality and durable rangefinder for under 200 dollars. Then look no further!

The Precision Pro NX7 rangefinder is a fantastic option for anyone looking for quality and affordability.

Here, your getting every possible feature you need, and 600 yards of scope. So lets go through what the NX7 has to offer.

With a 6x magnification lens, your not going to have any issue finding the pin through the rangefinder lens. On top of this, your also getting a pin lock function, which vibrates to confirm you’ve hit the pin.

As well as this, your also getting the option of slope adjustment. This can be turned on or off, which ensures you can use the NX7 in tournament play.

You also have the option of yards or meters, and can easily change between the two. All and all, the Precision Pro NX7 really is a great option for under 200 dollars.

Under 180$- Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

Under 180$, Best Budget Golf Rangefinder, Nikon Coolshot 20 GII
Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Rangefinder


  • 800 Yard Scope
  • First Target Priority Mode
  • 8 Second Continuous Measurement Option
  • No Slope
  • Good Visuals

Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Rangefinder

If your looking for a solid rangefinder to provide accurate numbers without all the fancier add ons, this could be the one for you.

With the Nikon Coolshot 20 GII rangefinder, you can ensure your getting good yardages without spending a crazy amount of money. Expect to pay under 180$ for a new Coolshot 20 GII.

The 20 GII rangefinder is all about providing exactly what you need, and no more. Here, your not getting features like pin lock technology or slope adjustments, and this is reflected in the price.

However, you are getting accurate yardages and features such as their first target priority mode. Which isn’t quite the same as pin lock technology, but this feature can ensure your hitting the closest object.

Meaning you wont get a distance for the trees way behind the pin, as the pin will be hit first as the closest object.

Another feature which compliments the first target priority mode, is the 8 second continuous measurement mode.

This feature allows you to hold down the power button for 8 seconds, and get continuous readings. Which van be very helpful in scanning multiple objects, as well as ensuring you’ve hit your desired target!

Alternative Options

We hope you have found your perfect rangefinder in the above list! However, if you have not, and you think you might prefer a GPS golf watch instead. We have you covered.

Below, we have included two of our favorite golf watches, that are of course, still in the budget category!

If your someone who doesn’t have the steadiest hands, or just wants to know the distance to the front, middle and back of the green. A GPS watch may be a better fit for you and your game!

Generally Speaking, they also cost that little bit less!

1st Alternate- Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

1st Alternate, Garmin S10 GPS Watch
Garmin S10 GPS Golf Watch


  • 41 Thousand Pre loaded Courses
  • Easy To Use
  • Meters Or Yards
  • Measurement To Front, Middle & Back
  • Measurement To Hazards & Doglegs
  • Option To Keep Score
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 12 Hour Battery Life

Garmin S10 GPS Golf Watch

If you want an easy to use device, that provides accurate distances to the front middle and back of greens. Then the Garmin S10 could be the perfect fit for your game.

The Garmin S10 is a GPS golf watch that will cost you in around the 150 dollar mark. All and all, a pretty good price for a really good watch!

Here, your getting a GPS golf watch that has over 41 thousand golf courses pre loaded into its software! So pretty much every course in the world is already downloaded and ready to go!

If your course is not already on it, not to worry! Downloading your course is an easy and straightforward process, and Garmin provide instruction on how to do so.

The Garmin S10 provides you with yardages to the front middle and back of greens. This is very useful as it really shows how much green you have to work with on every shot!

A well as this, your also getting yardages to hazards and doglegs! So if you need to lay up you’ll know exactly how far you need to hit your shot.

2nd Alternate- Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

2nd Alternate, TecTecTec ULT -G Watch
TecTecTec ULT-G Watch


  • Pre Loaded Courses
  • Great Value
  • Measurement To Front, Middle & Back
  • Water Hazard & Bunker Navigation
  • Battery life -2.5 Rounds
  • Rechargeable Battery

TecTecTec ULT-G Watch

If your looking for a super cheap but reliable GPS watch. The TecTecTec ULT -G watch is as good as it gets.

The ULT -G watch provides exactly what you need, and nothing more. If you enjoy the more fancier add ons, this is not the GPS watch for you!

Here, your getting distances to the front, middle and back of greens. As well as navigation options for Hazards and bunkers.

The ULT -G watch is also multifunctional, so you can check the time and set alarms.

With over 38,000 courses available, your course will almost definitely be on the software already. However, if it is not, the TecTecTec customer care team will add it at request.

You can also easily switch from yards to meters, if this is your preference!

The ULT -G Battery takes 3-4 hours to fully charge and has a battery life of about 2.5 round., So just make sure to charge it regularly, and your good to go!

What You Need To Know About Rangefinders

What You Need To Know About Rangefinders, 4 Features To Look Out For

Golf rangefinders are a fantastic addition to anyone’s golf game. Knowing you have the right yardage every time, rather than second guessing is a big advantage.

However, there are some things you should know about rangefinders, to ensure you get the right one that fits your game!

Not all rangefinders are created equal, and you need to be aware of the below factors before you pick up one.

Slope Feature

If you want to use your rangefinder in tournament play, your not allowed use the slope feature. Most of the newer rangefinders have this feature, which provides you with yardages that take into account elevation changes.

Thankfully, most newer models provide an on/off switch for this feature. Meaning you can turn it off to make your rangefinder legal for qualifying rounds.

A lot of the older models don’t include this slope feature. But just make sure to double check, before you make any buying decisions

Measurement Metrics

Most Rangefinders will provide settings that allow you to use yards or meters, depending on your preference. However there are some that only provide measurements in yards.

So if your preference is meters, just make sure to double check that it can be changed through the settings.

Pin Lock

This is a feature many of the newer rangefinders have, it can help ensure your hitting the flag and not something behind it.

If you are someone whos new to the game of golf, or new to using rangefinders. We would definitely recommend you get a rangefinder that has a pin lock setting.

This setting scans specifically for pins rather then other objects, and often provides a vibration when the pin is hit. This can ensure your not getting the wrong yardage by hitting something in the background.

This setting is particularly useful for when your playing courses to which your unfamiliar.

Distance Range/Scope

This is something that really should not be an issue with any rangefinder. However, it is also important to double check just to be safe.

All rangefinders have different Ranges or Scopes. Some may be able to function from 600 yards out, while others may have 300 or 400 ranges.

We would recommend you find a rangefinder that has a minimum of 400 yards of range. This ensures that you’ll always be able to get an accurate yardage when your going for or approaching a green.

Rangefinder Vs GPS Watch

Rangefinder Vs GPS Watch

If your trying to decide between a rangefinder and a GPS watch, there’s a few things you should know first!

Firstly, if its exact measurements your looking for, then a rangefinder is hands down the better option. Rangefinders can shoot the actual flag stick, while GPS watches only provide front, back and middle of the green.

As well as this, you can find distances to anything in your sight by shooting it. GPS watches cannot provide distances to every object.

Generally Speaking better golfers prefer rangefinders, while more novice golfers prefer GPS watches for their ease of use, here’s why.

If you are new to the game or haven’t used either of these devices yet, you may find a GPS watch easier to use. GPS watches load automatically and can ensure your getting the “ball park” right distances. Where as some may struggle to use rangefinders at first.

If your wild off the tee a GPS Watch may also be more beneficial to you, as rangefinders can only provide distances to the pin when the pin is visible!


Best Budget Rangefinder With Slope?

The Acegmet Q9 is our favorite super cheap rangefinder with slope. However, if you want a fully legal rangefinder with slope for a low price. We would recommend the Wosports H10, as this has an on/off switch for slope.

What’s Better For Me, Rangefinder Or GPS Watch?

If you want exact distances, then its got to be a rangefinder. Rangefinders enable you to shoot the flag stick itself as well as other objects. While watches only give front back and middle of greens.

Is The Slope Setting Legal For Tournament Play?

No, the slope setting is not allowed in any tournament play or qualifying competition. However, most rangefinders feature an on/off switch, which means you can turn off this feature for tournaments.

Final Words

We really hope you have enjoyed our list of our favorite budget golf rangefinder.

Golf can be such an expensive game, so we fully understand the need for budget golf equipment & accessories.

We think this list showcased a variety of different budget options, so we really hope you have found a rangefinder within your budget!

If your interest in other golf accessories that can help your game. Make sure to check out or list of the best golf gadgets, and our favorite training aids.

These posts showcase a variety of different devices that can definitely help bring your game to the next level!

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