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Best Hybrids For High Handicappers: The Complete List

Best Hybrids For High Handicappers
Best Hybrids For High Handicappers, Credit Amazon
Improve your long game by replacing your long irons with hybrids!

Best Hybrids For High Handicappers- We all want to be able to hit those long, high and towering iron shots, just like Rory Mcilroy. Unfortunately very few of us have the skill level or swing speed to do so! Hybrids are a welcome replacement, that can really help you get the most out of your long game approach play.

If your one of those golfers that is skeptical about using hybrids and think that you wont benefit from one. Just think of all the PGA tour players that now carry them in their bags. If their good enough for some of the best players in the world. Guess what? their good enough for you!

In all seriousness there are some great benefits to using hybrid golf clubs. Particularly for higher handicapped golfers. Firstly, a shot hit with a hybrid golf club is said to travel between 5 and 10 yards further then the equivalent lofted iron. As well as this, hybrids are much more forgiving due to their larger head size and lighter weight. So longer distance and more forgiveness. Still don’t want to try them out? Here’s our list of the 12 best hybrids for high handicappers.

-Our List- Best Hybrids For High Handicappers
  • BEST OVERALL- Cobra Golf F9 Speedback Hybrid
  • BEST BUDGET- Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Hybrid
  • RUNNER UP 1- Callaway Big Bertha B21 Hybrid
  • RUNNER UP 2- Taylormade Sim 2 Max
  • PREMIUM 1- Callaway Super Hybrid
  • PREMIUM 2- Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid
  • BEST UNDER 180$ – iRT5 Hybrid
  • BEST UNDER 120$ – Tour Edge HL4 Hot Launch Hybrid
  • OPTION 1 – Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid
  • OPTION 2- Taylormade M6 Hybrid
  • OPTION 3- Cobra Golf Radspeed Hybrid

Best Overall – Best Hybrids For High Handicappers (Cobra Golf F9 Speedback)

Best Overall - Best Hybrids For High Handicappers - Cobra Golf F9 Speedback
Cobra Golf F9 Speedback, Credit Amazon
  • Speedback Baffler Rails
  • Tungsten Weight
  • Low CG- (low center of gravity allows for higher ball flights)
  • High MOI- (10% larger club head for greater forgiveness)
  • Interchangeable Weight Options
  • Forged Face Insert

Cobra Golf F9 Speedback

The Cobra Golf F9 Speedback is our number one choice for high handicappers. This hybrid boasts a number of features that will really help your long game. Starting with the baffler rails, which can be seen in the above image. These rails allow for reduced turf interaction, resulting in you generating higher speeds through the impact position. These rails also make the F9 easier to hit out of tough lies. As the clubhead glides through the rough easier.

The Cobra F9 Speedback also features a 10% increase in club head size compared to previous models. This larger head profile provides you with a larger sweet spot and greater forgiveness. As well as this, there is a tungsten weight positioned at the back of the club head. This lowers the center of gravity in the clubhead, enabling you to hit higher launching shots. Hitting the ball higher in the air is going to allow you to to hit better more consistent golf shots.

This is something most high handicappers struggle with and is also the reason we want you to start using hybrids. Anything that makes the game instantly easier for you is something you should all be making use of, right away! The F9 Speedback also has the option of interchangeable weights. So you can play around with this option and find the best weighting for you.

Best Budget- Best Hybrids For High Handicappers (Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Hybrid)

Best Budget- Best Hybrids For High Handicappers -Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Hybrid
Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Hybrid, Credit Amazon
  • Graphite Shaft
  • Affordable
  • Available In A Wide Variety Of Lofts (3-PW)

Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Hybrid

The Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrid is perfect for those of you that are budget conscious. While it may not have the same flashy features as some of the other hybrids on our list. You really are getting a good quality golf club for what your spending.

You’d be amazed how much of a difference even the cheaper hybrids can make to your game. At the end of the day, your going to find it a hell of a lot easier getting the ball in the air with the Excel EGI hybrid. When comparing it to whatever long irons you currently have in your bag.

Lets not forget that even the most basic hybrid still boasts benefits over your standard long iron. Greater forgiveness and higher launch angles being the two we must remember. The Pinemeadow Excel EGI hybrid is also available in a wide variety of lofts. Which means you’ll definitely be able to pick one up right away, that will fit into your bag and improve your golf game.

Runner Up 1- Best Hybrids For High Handicappers (Callaway Big Berta B21)

Runner Up 1- Best Hybrids For High Handicappers - Callaway Big Berta B21
Callaway Big Berta B21, Credit Amazon
  • Flash Face Technology
  • Added Offset
  • Oversize Head Design
  • Split Tungsten Weight

Callaway Big Bertha B21

The Big Bertha B21 hybrid is a great choice for high handicappers. Particularly for those of you that are prone to hitting a slice. The added offset in the B21 will help you straighten out your ball flight. For those of you who don’t know. Offset hosels position the shaft slightly ahead of the club face. This gives you more time to square up the face and also encourages you to keep your hands ahead of the ball. As a result you’ll hit more compressed golf shots and less sliced shots to the right.

The Big Berths B21 hybrid also features a larger clubhead profile. This provides a larger sweet spot. Meaning your getting more forgiveness on those slightly off center strikes. Callaway have also utilized their famous flash face technology in the B21 hybrid. Here they used artificial intelligence and computer learning to design their most optimized club face yet. This was firstly featured by Callaway in the Epic Flash drivers and has really catapulted performance levels.

The split tungsten weight also lowers the center of gravity in the clubhead. As a result, enabling you to hit higher launching golf shots. The Big Bertha B21 hybrid is definitely one of the best hybrids on the market. With some great features. Which of course means it is a little bit on the pricey size! However if you have the money, this club is sure to help your long game.

Runner Up 2- Best Hybrids For High Handicappers (TaylorMade SIM 2 Max)

Runner Up 2- Best Hybrids For High Handicappers - TaylorMade SIM 2 Max
Taylormade 2 Sim Max, Credit Amazon
  • Redistributed Weight For Added Forgiveness
  • Twist Face Technology
  • Larger Head Profile
  • Ultra Strong C300 Face

Taylormade 2 Sim Max

As a lot of you may already know. Taylormade provide a “max” version of their sim models. The Sim Max models are tailored more towards the needs of higher handicaps. They have larger head profiles which increases forgiveness and helps you launch the ball higher in the air. As well as this, the Sim 2 max features the same great benefits of the Sim 2 model.

The V Steel sole offers precision weighting which increases launch angles. The Sim 2 Max features an ultra strong club face paired with TaylorMade’s twist face technology. This corrective face feature reduces clubhead twisting at impact which increases MOI. The less club head twisting the better as it increases forgiveness and enables you to keep the club head straighter for longer. This will result in you hitting straighter more accurate golf shots.

The Sim 2 Max is also available in a wide variety of lofts, so we are sure you’ll be able to fit them straight into your set. The Sim 2 max are on the expensive side so if you don’t want to spend that much money. Make sure to check out our budget options and “best under” categories. If you want to find out more about TaylorMade’s offerings, click here.

Premium 1- Best Hybrids For High Handicappers (Callaway Super Hybrid)

Premium 1- Best Hybrids For High Handicappers - Callaway Super Hybrid
Callaway Super Hybrid, Credit Amazon
  • High Strength Titanium Face
  • Oversized Head Design
  • Jailbreak Technology
  • Redistributed Weight For Optimized CG

Callaway Super Hybrid

Callaway opted to change up their approach from the more traditional hybrids. When they designed and developed the Super Hybrid. Here they decided to develop a hybrid that delivers the power of a fairway wood. It starts with the high strength titanium face which promotes higher ball speeds. More similar to that of a fairway wood.

The all titanium body redistributes weight within the clubhead. This optimizes the center of gravity, enabling you to hit higher launching shots. The Super hybrid also features Callaway’s jailbreak technology. This is where two metal rods are connected from the sole of the club to the crown. Making the two a solid structure and as a result redistributing energy back to the clubface at impact.

The Callaway Super Hybrid is available in 17, 20 and 23 degree lofts. This is definitely a great choice for high handicappers. Particularly those of you, who like prefer the feel of a wider more wood like hybrid. However, this hybrid is very expensive. So bare in mind what kind of budget your working with and how much you want to spend.

Premium 2- Best Hybrids For High Handicappers (Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid)

Premium 2- Best Hybrids For High Handicappers - Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid
Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid, Credit Amazon
  • Artificial Intelligence Design
  • High Performing MOI
  • Larger Body
  • Deep CG
  • Jailbreak & Flash Face Technology
  • Super Game Improvement
  • Draw-Bias

Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid

The Mavrik Max Hybrid has a very similar shaping to the standard Mavrik Hybrid. however, the Max model boasts a larger body profile and deeper center of gravity. This increases forgiveness and helps you launch the ball higher in the air. As we keep saying this is the critical advantage hybrids have over irons. The ability to launch the ball high is something all high handicappers should take advantage of. If provided the opportunity.

The Mavrik Max Hybrid is also ideal for those of you that slice the ball. As it has a built in draw-bias, which is sure to help straighten out those mishits to the right! Each loft in each model also features its own unique face in order to optimize forgiveness. The Max Model is also available all the way from 3 to 8 hybrids. Which is a great option to have if you desire the higher lofted hybrids also.

The same jailbreak technology used in the super hybrid is also featured in the Mavrik Max. So it really is optimized to improve your game and enable you to get the ball in the air. The Mavrik Max hybrids are also featured in the Mavrik Max Combo iron set. Which are a great option for those of you looking for a new set of irons, that will improve your game!

UNDER 180$ – Best Hybrids For High Handicappers (iRT-5 Hybrid)

UNDER 180$ - Best Hybrids For High Handicappers iRT-5 Hybrid
iRT-5 Hybrid, Credit Amazon
  • Sole Self-Correcting Clubface
  • Easily Glides Through Turf
  • Legal For Tournament Play
  • High Launching Golf Shots

iRT-5 Hybrid

So first things first, we know your going to be skeptical about a so called “self correcting golf club”. However, the iRT-5 Hybrid does boast some features that really do improve the outcome of your golf shots. The machete rails, seen in the above image reduces clubhead twisting and stabilizes the face at impact. They work in a similar way to the cobra rails featured in their irons and hybrids.

The unique shaping of the iRT-5 machete rails work in a way that squares up the club head as it connects with the turf. Of course this does not mean that every single shot you hit is going to go straight! but it will certainly help!

The machete rails are also said to reduce turf interaction by 75% when compared to traditional hybrids. This club would definitely help those of you who tend to get a bit steep on the downswing and dig at the ball.

Under 120$- Best Hybrids For High Handicappers (Tour Edge HL4 Hybrid)

Under 120$- Tour Edge HL4 Hybrid
Tour Edge HL4 Hot Launch Hybrid, Credit Amazon
  • Lighter Forged Steel Crown
  • Shallow Face
  • High Toe Design

Tour Edge HL4 Launch Hybrid

Tour Edge have been producing good quality golf clubs for a number of years now. More importantly they’ve been delivering products at a cheaper price then a lot of the major club manufacturers. They have become particularly popular on the US champions tour, being used by pros such as Tom Lehman and Scott McCarron.

The Tour Edge HL4 hybrids are designed to help you launch the ball high in the air. This is achieved through a combination of design features. A thin and light forged crown allows for faster clubhead speeds. While also lowering the center of gravity of the club head. As a result you’ll find hitting the ball high in the air much easier.

Of course its not all just about the ability to hit the ball high. Forgiveness is also important for high handicappers. The HL4 hybrid features high toe and shallow face design. This expands the sweet spot and as a result, your slightly off centered strikes will still travel the same distance. This club is ideal for those of you who still want to get a good quality hybrid. However don’t want to pay the sky high prices for the more well known brands.

More Great Options

More Great Hybrid Options
More Great Hybrid Options, Credit Amazon

The above list of hybrids may be our top picks for high handicappers. However there are many more great options that you may prefer. Truth is there are so many great hybrids to choose from. It would be unfair of us to limit your choice to our favorite 8! The hybrids named below, all meet the same criteria we used to measure our already listed favorites.

Make sure to give a glance through, as you may find a hybrid here that fits your specific needs more then the above! Also if your Enjoying this post checkout out post on the best irons for high handicappers. As it also includes some great combo iron/hybrid sets.

Cleveland Golf Launcher Halo Hybrid
Cleveland Golf Launcher Halo Hybrid, Credit Amazon
  • Guiderails
  • Hi Bore Crown
  • High Strength Steel Face

Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid

The Cleveland Golf Launcher Halo Hybrid is another club on our list, that enables rails in their clubhead design. These rails have become increasingly popular and its easy to understand why. The Cleveland Guiderails featured in the Halo hybrid provide more speed through impact. However more importantly again, make it easier for the clubhead to glide through difficult lies as it improves turf interaction.

This feature is great for high handicappers, as we all know were not exactly going to be hitting from the fairway all that often! Anything that makes making contact with the ball easier, particularly out of bad lies is a huge plus in our books. The HiBore Crown also redistributes weight in the clubhead which enables a lower center of gravity. This ultimately helps you get the ball higher in the air.

The Cleveland Golf Launcher Halo is a great hybrid for high handicappers. It has all the necessary features to provide a high level of forgiveness while also enabling you to hit the ball high. So if your ready to make the move from long irons to hybrids, you should definitely keep the Launcher Halo in mind.

Taylormade M6 Hybrid
Taylormade M6 Hybrid, Credit Amazon
  • Twist Face Technology
  • Low Center Of Gravity
  • Speed Pocket Design

Taylormade M6 Hybrid

The M6 hybrid is a slightly older model compared to the other Taylormade entries on our list. Nonetheless, the M6 is also a great choice for high handicappers and will likely cost you a little bit less. Which is always an added bonus! The M6 hybrid also features the renowned TaylorMade twist face technology.

For those of you not familiar with twist face technology. It is basically a slight curvature in the club face that is designed to help with off centered strikes. It reduces the spin in low heel shots, while increasing spin on high toe shots. this keeps off centered strikes in the air for longer and on more accurate lines also.

A speed pocket is also positioned in the sole of hybrid. This speed pocket enables you to hit higher golf shots while also promoting faster ball speeds. It is also very forgiving to strikes made low on the face, which is where a lot of high handicappers tend to connect wit the ball. All and all the TaylorMade M6 contains a lot of the same great technology that is used in the newer models, just for a lower price!

Cobra RAD Speed Hybrid
Cobra RAD Speed Hybrid, Credit Amazon
  • Forged Face Insert
  • Baffler Rails
  • Front Biased Weighting (for low spin, higher launch)

Cobra Golf Radspeed Hybrid

The second entry on our list from Cobra, the Radspeed hybrid boasts a number of fantastic features. That are sure to improve your game! A feature that Cobra seem to include in all of their newer hybrid models, is baffler rails. These rails are also featured in the Radspeed Hybrid. They reduce turf interaction by reducing the digging effect. This feature will enable you to hit more consistent golf shots, particularly out of the rough and bad lies.

The Cobra Radspeed also features a forged face insert that creates faster ball speeds than a standard hybrid face. A forged face insert is thinner and more flexible, as a result you’ll hit it further and higher! Along with this, Cobra have also positioned two 6 gram weights in the front and a 7gram weight at the back of the clubhead. This creates a balance that provides lower spin levels with higher launches, while also providing forgiveness.

This hybrid club would be a great addition for any high handicapper looking to add more consistency to their long game. Particularly if your someone who tends to get a bit steep and diggy with your long irons. As the baffler rails help reduce this digging effect.


What Is The Best Hybrid Option For A Senior Golfer? Well it all depends on that persons swing speed. Regardless of age we all have different swing speeds. If however you are getting older and have a low swing speed, many of the above hybrids have senior flex options. Including the Cobra Golf F9 Speedback and the Callaway Big Bertha B21.

Why Are Hybrid Golf Clubs Easier To Hit? When comparing hybrid golf clubs to your standard long iron. Its important to realize that hybrids are designed in such a way as to make it easier for you to hit the ball high in the air. Hence easier to hit. This is because a hybrid has a thicker and wider frame and have more weight in the base of the club head. this larger head size and lower center of gravity is what makes them so much easier to hit.

Are Hybrid Golf Clubs Legal? Yes, hybrid golf clubs are fully legal for all tournament play. Hybrids have been around for many years and are now seen in not just amateur’s golf sets but touring pros as well.

Are Hybrid Golf Clubs Good For Beginners? Yes, hybrid golf clubs are great for beginners. Long irons are the hardest golf club in the bag to hit consistently. So any thing that makes this part of the game easier is a big plus, particularly for beginners!

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