Best Irons For Beginners (the top 10)

Best Irons For Beginners
Enjoy The Game More With The Right Irons For Your Playing level!

If you’re a beginner it is vital that you have the right equipment. In this list of the best irons for beginners, you will find the best irons for every type of beginner!

Trust us when we say the term beginner is a broad one! Some of you might be in your mid 20s and have done some lessons when you where younger. While others might be in there mid 60s and have never picked up a club in their life!

While you all can all be classified as beginners, ye are all going to have very different needs! In this list we tell you exactly which irons are best suited to you and your needs!

Some of you might want to invest in a high quality set of beginner irons, while others may want a budget set.

Some might want a more progressive set of irons that they can still use as they improve. While others might want a quick fix super game improvement iron that helps maximize their performance right now.

Long story short, we all have different needs.

However you should all be looking for certain attributes in order to find a good set of beginner irons. Below we discuss what you should look out for!

If your a high handicapper rather then a beginner you might also like our list of best irons for high handicappers.

Our List- Best Irons For Beginners

What To Look For In Beginner Irons

What To Look For In A Beginner Iron Set

These are the questions you should be asking yourself when looking for a set of beginner irons.

Are they easy to hit? as a beginner you need irons that are easier to hit then say a better players irons.

Nowadays there are irons designed specifically for beginners and high handicappers called “game improvement irons”. These irons are optimized with the latest technology to ensure you’re getting the most out of them!

Are they forgiving? Game improvement irons come in many different shapes and sizes. However these irons offer varying levels of forgiveness.

If your a complete raw beginner your going to want a very forgiving set of irons. If you’ve been messing around for a while or have a more natural knack for the game, your going to want a more progressive set of irons.

Are they progressive enough for me? Irons that are very forgiving tend to also not be as good for the better player, they don’t allow you to flight or shape the ball as easily.

Therefore you need to think about how much you want to get out of your first set of irons! If you want them to last longer as you improve go for a more progressive set!

Is the price right for me? Finally make sure the irons you pick are in your price range!

Overall Best Iron Set For Beginners

Overall Best Irons For Beginners, Taylormade Sim 2 Max Irons
Taylormade Sim 2 Max Irons
  • Cavity Back Design
  • High Launch & Long Distance
  • Forgiving
  • Large Sweet Spot
  • Oversized Design Provides More Confidence
  • Some Wont Like Oversized Look

Taylormade Sim 2 Max OS Irons

If you’re a beginner and your looking for the perfect set of irons to start with, these TaylorMade irons are a great starting point.

The Taylormade Sim 2 Max OS Irons provide a huge amount of forgiveness and are super easy to hit high in the air.

These are two elements that are really important for you if you’re a beginner golfer!

While the Max OS Irons are not the newest model on offer from TaylorMade, we still really like them for beginners, and let us tell you why.

Firstly, there not going to be as expensive as the newer model Stealth Irons. Which can be an important factor when your just learning how to play the game.

Secondly, The Max OS Irons feature an oversized design that create a larger sweet spot. Meaning your going to experience a lot of forgiveness, even on those slightly off centered strikes.

The oversized design also provides you with more confidence over the ball.

Finally, thanks to a wide sole and cavity back design. The Max OS Irons get through turf easily without too much digging and are also easy to launch high into the air.

If you’ve already been playing for some time and feel like your improving quickly you might want a more progressive iron like the Taylormade P790s or the Callaway Apex DCB Irons.

Best Budget Irons For Beginners

Best Budget Lazrus Iron Set
  • Great Feel
  • Cavity Back Design
  • Forgiving
  • Wont Provide Same Feel & Sound As More Premium Models


If you’re only starting out and you don’t want to go spending crazy money on a set of irons, this is a great budget option for you!

The LAZRUS Iron Set is the perfect beginner set for the budget conscious golfer!

Here your getting cavity back irons that are perfect for beginners, and all for half the price of the more premium models.

The cavity back design helps you hit the ball higher in the air, while also providing a good level of forgiveness.

While these irons are perfect for beginners you also need to be aware of the saying “you get what you pay for”.

These irons ae much more affordable and will do just fine for that first year or so. However, as you improve you will likely notice the differences.

The more premium brands are more long lasting in the sense they are more progressive, they also provide even higher levels of feel and forgiveness.

So once your happy enough with an introductory set of irons these will be fine. However, if you want a set you’ll get more time out of, you should look at the other options on this list.

Runner Up Iron Set For Beginners

Runner Up, best Irons For Beginners, Callaway Apex DCB Irons
Callaway Apex DCB Iron
  • Deep Cavity Back Design
  • Forged Feel With Cavity Back Forgiveness
  • Progressive
  • High Launch
  • Not Quite As Forgiving
  • Not Ideal For Beginners

Callaway Apex DCB Irons

If you’ve been learning how to play for a while and feel like you’re progressing quickly, these irons could be a great fit for your game!

These irons are perfect for the person who tends to take to new sporting activities quickly. These are a very progressive set of beginner irons.

The Callaway Apex DCB Irons provide the best of both worlds.

Here you get an iron set that provides forgiveness, but doesn’t hold you back as your swing speed quickens and your ball striking improves.

The DCB Irons provide the look and feel of a forged iron with the forgiveness of a cavity back design.

Meaning your still getting an iron that has a large sweet spot providing forgiveness on off center strikes. However, The DCB Irons look and feel more like a better players iron.

This is what we love about the DCB Irons. Looking down on the iron head you straight away notice the thinner topline and how there not as chunky as the standard beginner iron.

You’ll still get some added help hitting these irons high in the air without sacrificing on playability. These irons will also last you a long time as you wont need to change until your nearing a single digits handicap!

Best Irons For Beginners With A Slice

Slicers, Best Irons For Beginners, Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Irons
Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Irons
  • Added Offset Helps Slicers
  • Cavity Back Design
  • High Launch & Long Distance
  • Very Forgiving
  • Oversized Design Provides Confidence
  • Added Offset Only Helps Slicers
  • Some Wont like Oversized Design

Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Irons

If you’re a beginner and you’re struggling with a slice. These irons will not only provide extra forgiveness, they’ll also help straighten out that slice!

The Rogue ST Max OS Irons are ideal for beginners as the oversized head design and thicker topline inspire confidence over the ball. As well as increasing the sweet spot, meaning you’re getting increased forgiveness.

However, the reason we really liken the ST Max OS Irons for slicers in particular is because off the added offset.

Offset is a clubhead feature whereby the hosel of the head has a slight curve backwards at where it meets the clubface.

Long story short the more offset the easier it becomes to square up the clubface at impact.

So the added offset in the ST Max OS Irons will help you square the club more than a standard iron. Thus reducing the amount of slice in your shot shape!

The ST Max OS Irons are also easy to lunch high in the air and provide outstanding forgiveness.

So if you’re a beginner and your struggling with a slice, these irons are as good as it gets!

Best Progressive Iron Set For Beginners

Most Progressive, Best Irons For Beginners, Taylormade P790 Irons
Taylormade P790 Irons
  • Forged Design
  • Hollow Construction Provides Forgiveness
  • Super Progressive
  • Better Workability
  • Not For Raw Beginners
  • Not As Forgiving

Taylormade P790 Irons

If you’re worried about buying beginner level irons only to have to upgrade further down the line. These Taylormade irons could be the perfect set for you.

Saying that, its also important that you already have some bit of experience or natural ability. As while the P790s are forgiving, they wont provide the same levels as some of the more super game improvement irons on this list.

The Taylormade P790 Irons feature a forged hollow body design. This hollow body design reduces the amount of movement and twisting in the club head at impact.

Meaning your bad strikes aren’t going to veer as far of course as they normally might.

However, the real beauty of these irons is being able to balance this forgiveness in a forged iron head.

Forged irons provide far better feel and allow you to shape the ball more. They are much more workable due to their softer metal construction.

It all just means that as you progress and get better you’ll be able to flight the ball to different trajectory’s more with these irons.

Best Premium Iron Set For Beginners

Premium, Best Irons For Beginners, Taylormade Stealth Irons
Taylormade Stealth Irons
  • Forgiving
  • Forged Feel
  • Progressive
  • More Aesthetically Pleasing
  • More Expensive
  • Some May Prefer Larger Clubhead

Taylormade Stealth Irons

If you’re looking for a really good set of beginner irons and you don’t mind spending the extra bit of money. These Taylormade irons will last you longer then other beginner irons while also providing great forgiveness.

The Taylormade Stealth Irons are made from a multi material construction, that provides the feel of a forged iron with the forgiveness of a cavity back.

However, the Stealth Irons actually feature a cap back design which provides an even faster and more forgiving face.

Another big thing that we really like, and we’re sure you’ll really like is the overall look of the stealth iron.

The Stealth iron is a lot more aesthetically pleasing to look down on compared to other game improvement irons. Its not super chunky or oversized, instead it looks a lot closer to a forged iron.

Of course this is why you pay the premium fee. Your still getting high levels of forgiveness in a much more attractive looking club. That is also more progressive and will last longer.

Overall a fantastic option for anyone who doesn’t mind spending the extra cash for the extra quality!

Best Irons For Senior Beginners

Seniors, Best Irons For Beginners, Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Irons
Cleveland Launcher XL Halo
  • Easy To Launch High
  • Anti-Dig
  • Lightweight Senior Shafts
  • Hybrid Like Design
  • Very Forgiving
  • Not Progressive
  • Some Wont Like Chunky Feel

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Irons

If you’re a more senior player and you’ve only just started playing recently, you’re likely going to need all the extra help you can get.

These Cleveland Irons will allow you to hit the ball higher and further then the typical beginner iron set.

That’s because the Launcher XL Halo Irons feature a progressive hybrid like design which helps get the ball airborne. While the senior flex enables you to swing the club faster, meaning higher ball speeds and longer carry’s.

The Longer irons in the XL Halo set feature wider soles which help counter act the digging effect. Meaning turf interaction is kept to a minimal and you’ll get through the ball a lot better.

While the shorter irons progress into a slightly narrower sole design which ensures you still get some playability.

This is what we mean by progressive’s design as opposed to and iron set that will allow you progress as you improve!

Because this set is certainly not for those of you looking to improve quickly!

This set is for older guys that need the extra assistance in hitting the ball higher and longer! Not for younger golfers trying to learn how to play the game!

Best Hybrid Iron Combo Set For Beginners

Hybrid Combo Set, Cobra T-Rail 2.0 Combo Iron Set
Cobra Golf T-Rail 2.0 Combo Iron Set
  • Hollow Construction
  • Baffler Rails Reduce Digging
  • Super Forgiving
  • Will Need To Upgrade As You Improve

Cobra T-Rail 2.0 Combo Iron Set

If you’re struggling with making clean contact and find the club tends to dig into the ground a lot, then this is the iron set you want.

The Cobra T-Rail 2.0 Combo Iron Set is perfect for the beginner looking for a blended set of hybrids and irons.

You get the best of both worlds as hybrids are much easier to hit then long irons. Yet you still get some playability with the shorter irons.

However, the short irons still feature baffler rails, which can be seen in the above image. These rails help reduce turf interaction, meaning you’ll get much cleaner contact and purer strikes.

The Hollow Construction also reduces clubhead twisting at impact, so your so called bad shots don’t veer off line as much as they normally would!

On top of this, these irons are incredibly easy to hit high in the air and provide great forgiveness.

These Irons are a really great option for beginner’s starting off. However you will have to upgrade to a better players irons when you improve past beginner status!

Best Value Irons For Beginners

Best Value For Quality, Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons
Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons
  • Great Value
  • Very Forgiving
  • High Spin
  • High Launch
  • Not For Already Fast Swing Speeds

Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons

If you want a forgiving set of beginner irons that launches the ball high and stops the ball quickly on the greens, these Cleveland irons are as good as it gets!

The Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons are perfect for the beginner golfer seeking a good deal without sacrificing on quality!

The Launcher UHX Irons feature a hollow body construction with a cavity back design. This results in an extremely forgiving clubhead.

The hollow design reduces clubhead twisting at impact, meaning your bad shots wont veer as far off line as they normally might.

While the cavity back design enables you to launch the ball higher into air.

However, what we like most about the Launcher UHX Irons is the tour zip grooves.

This is a great feature for beginner golfers as these grooves provide higher amounts of spin, meaning your ball is going to stop quicker on the greens.

This is great for beginners as generating enough spin can take some time!

Overall, the Launcher UHX Irons are a fantastic option for the beginner golfer seeking a good deal in a high quality irons set.

However, we would also add that if you already have quite a fast swing speed these aren’t the irons for you.

As the faster swing speed combined with the high launch and high spinning grooves will create too much spin, creating a loss in distance and control.

Must Include Golf Irons

Must Include, Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Irons
Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Irons
  • Looks More Like Players Iron
  • Forgiveness Of Game Improvement Irons
  • Long Distance
  • Only For The Better Beginner
  • Some May Struggle To Hit High

Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Irons

If you’re looking for a more attractive looking iron that is more similar to that of a better players iron. These Mizuno irons would be a great option for you.

The Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Irons look and feel more like a proper players iron, but still feature the key attributes needed to provide that ever needed forgiveness!

Mizuno are famously known for their high quality equipment. Particularly in the iron category and for the most part are designed for the better player!

However, that all changed with the introduction of the JPX921 Hot Metal Irons. These Irons have the classic and stylish Mizuno look but are optimized to help the higher handicap.

These Irons have an overall larger head, thicker topline, wider sole and a little bit more offset compared to other Mizuno models.

The Wider soles and larger head combine to increase the size of the sweet spot and create greater amounts of forgiveness. While the extra bit of offset helps create a slight draw bias and more powerful flight. Resulting in longer distances.

While these irons are very forgiving, they also feature quite strong lofts. Meaning ball flights tend to come out lower and with less spin.

This means you don’t really get all that extra help in hitting the ball higher.

So really these irons are for the better beginner, who already has a decent amount of ball speed and doesn’t struggle with getting the ball airborne.


What Irons Should a Beginner Buy?

The term beginner can be a broad one. You need to ensure that you evaluate your own game and buy accordingly.

For the most part beginners need very forgiving clubs. this means clubs that have a high amount of game improvements features. So irons that have wide soles, oversized head profiles, stronger lofts and added offset.

Your also going to want to try stick to cavity back irons as opposed to forged irons, which are for the better player. Cavity back irons are larger in profile and are easier to hit the ball higher.

If you want to learn more about the different types of irons, click here.

What Type Of Irons Are Easiest To Hit?

There are two main types of irons, you have forged irons and cast irons.

Cast irons for the most part are cavity back irons that feature more game improvement technology.

These irons are far more forgiving which makes them the easiest irons to hit.

If your looking for an easy to hit set of irons, the Taylormade Sim 2 Max OS Irons are a great option.

Should a High Handicapper Use a 4 Iron?

For the most part the answer is no. There are very few high handicappers that would hit a 4 irons better and more consistently then its hybrid counterpart.

That’s why we like combo sets so much, particularly for high handicappers or beginners. These sets feature hybrids instead of long irons but then transition over to regulars irons for the rest of the set.

If you’re looking for a good combo set, our favorite is the Cobra T Rail 2.0 Combo Irons Set.

How Do I Choose Golf Irons?

You need to fully understand what level of player you are yourself. While also understanding what kind of features in a golf iron are going to compliment your swing or shot faults.

If you want to learn more about different types of golf irons click here. Or if you want to see our list of best irons for mid handicappers, you can click here.

What Handicap Is a Mid Handicapper?

While there can be a few different opinions on this handicap range. The majority of the golfing world think of it as the 10 to 20 handicap bracket.

Which Irons Are Best For Quick Leaners?

If you’re a quick leaner and you’d rather get a more progressive set to save you time and money. Then we would recommend either the Taylormade P790s or the Callaway Apex DCB Irons.

Final Words

We really hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best irons for beginners and that you’ve found the right irons for your game.

While starting out in this game can be hard we promise its worth it, and once you start seeing the improvements you’ll get hooked!

Saying that, it is important you have the right equipment and this is why we put together this list of best irons for beginners.

We know how different we can all be when it comes to golfing ability, even as beginners!

This is why we structured the post in the manner that we did, and to show you exactly which irons would be best for you!

If you’re a high handicapper rather then a beginner, not to worry we have a list of irons perfect for you too, just click here.

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