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How To Hit a Draw With a Driver: 4 easy steps

Revolutionize Your Driving & Carry The Ball Longer Off The Tee!

If you want to learn how to hit a draw with a driver in 4 easy steps. You’ve come to the right place!

We know golf is such a technical game and a lot of us can find it quite overwhelming sometimes. We’ve all been there, when we just cant figure out what the hell is going wrong with our golf swing.

Our driving in particular can be quite temperamental. Especially for beginners or high handicappers. A lot of golfers in this bracket, struggle with a slice of the tee and not only lose distance, but accuracy as well.

This is why we’ve put together these 4 easy to follow steps. Learning how to hit a draw will not only add distance off the tee. It will also help you create a stronger ball flight, that you can control more.

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-4 Key Swing Steps-

  • Your Grip
  • The Set-Up & Alignment
  • Swing Path
  • Swing & Tempo

Your Grip

Your Grip is a very important factor when wanting to hit a draw with a driver. While it is certainly not impossible to hit a draw with a weak grip, it does make it a lot easier to use a strong or neutral one.

In the image below you can see a standard weak grip on the left. While on the right a standard strong grip can be seen.

The Grip- How To Hit A Draw With A Driver

For right handed golfers, if you have a weak grip. You can make it stronger by rolling your left hand more to the right. While also feeling like the grip is more in your fingers as opposed to your palm.

To put your right hand in a stronger position you can feel like your rolling it open more. As if your hand is now in a more hooked position, as seen below.

The Set-Up & Alignment

Firstly, you want to make sure you already have good driver basics with your current set-up.

Which you can double check here.

You still want to have good driver set up basics, such as having the ball forward in your stance and a slight tilt in your spine towards your back foot. This will help get the ball airborne.

After this, we need to look into what need to change in our set up to hit a draw shot.

In order to hit a draw with a driver, we need to align our feet and our shoulders more to the right.While the clubface should still be pointing towards the target, as seen below.

Your Set Up- How To Hit A Draw With A Driver

This is exaggerated in the above image. However, It will ensure that the club head is in a closed position in relation to where we are aiming. Now, we then need to think about swing path.

Swing Path

Your Swing Path - How To Hit A Draw With A Driver

Our swing path is a crucial element in learning how to hit a draw with a driver.

You need to swing from inside to out in order to create a right to left shape in your ball flight.

This is all made easier by the set up and aim steps described above. Which creates an in to out bias from the way your body is now positioned.

Still though, you need to be mentally conscious of the swing path that is required!

On your back swing, you need to follow the line of your feet. By bringing the club closer to your body on the way back, (thus inside) while feeling like your swinging more to the right (outside) on the way down.

Swing & Tempo

Swing & Tempo - How To Hit A Draw With A driver

You should now know how to hit a draw with a driver. However, it doesn’t quite end there.

We know golf is an incredibly technical game, but its important you don’t forget your golf basics.

When your trying to hit a draw shot or whatever kind of shot really, you still want to maintain your regular tempo.

No need to fall out of your shoes. This is not going to help you achieve anything!

Instead, just make all the necessary changes that are required to hit a draw. Then swing as you normally would making sure your finishing your swing and maintaining good balance.

This is going to give you the best chance of not only hitting a draw, but also actually hitting a good golf shot!

Useful Tips- How To Hit a Draw With A Driver

On top of the necessary swing and set up changes that are needed to hit a draw. There are also a couple of things you can do that will make this transition easier.

The first key element in allowing you to hit a draw outside of your technique is your equipment.

Below we have given our advice on how to make sure your equipment isn’t holding you back.


Draw Biased Equipment

The Equipment you play with can also have a big effect on your shot shape and your overall performance.

However, if you are really struggling with a slice and cannot seem to straighten it out, you may need to take a closer look at your equipment.

Draw Bias Driver

If you truly have tried it all and still cant seem to hit a draw, then you might want to pick up a new driver.

Of course most modern drivers have a customizable head of which you can change settings in order to encourage certain ball flights.

However, on top of these great features, some drivers can be bought with added draw bias.

These drivers change the center of gravity in the club head by placing more weight towards the heel. Meaning you’ll find it easier to square up the club face, thus eliminating the slice!

This is something you should definitely look into if all else fails!


Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, if you really want to learn how to hit a draw with a driver. Get out on to that driving range and hit ball after ball after ball!

No point trying this stuff out on the course, it will not work out in your favor. You need to put in the hours working on the technique required to hit a draw.

If you do put in the time to follow these steps. We promise you’ll start to pick up those extra few yards and before you know it, you’ll have the draw shot conquered!


How Do You Hit a Draw Every Time?

Of course there is no certainty that you will hit a driver every time. (we all hit bad golf shots now and then) However, if you keep practicing these easy steps you’ll definitely feel more confident attempting to hit a draw.

What Is The Easiest Way To Hit a Draw In Golf?

There are a number of ways to achieve a draw golf shot. However we feel the steps we provide are super easy and straightforward to follow.

Should I Aim Right To Hit a Draw?

Yes you should definitely aim right if you want to hit a draw. This is because we are trying to hit the ball from right to left. So if we want it to finish close to our target we need to start our shot off to the right.

How To Hit A High Draw With a Driver?

Firstly, we would recommend you just working on becoming comfortable with hitting a draw. After this you can start to try and hit up on the golf ball more with your body positioned a little more behind it.

This will help achieve a higher ball flight.

Final Words

We really hope you’ve enjoyed this piece on how to hit a draw with a driver.

We know getting into golf can be quite overwhelming, particularly when first being introduced to some of the technical jargon that is used. Like how to hit a draw, fade, slice, worrying about your swing arc/path etc.

We try our best to simplify the process, while still proving an in depth detail of how to best hit the golf shot in question.

If you found this post helpful make sure to check out our top tips on how to hit a 3 wood, and how to hit a driver.

These posts will provide further guidance and help you improve your long game!

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