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How To Hit a Fade With a Driver : 4 easy steps

How To Hit a Fade With a Driver- Four Easy Steps
Hit More Fairways & Learn How To Hit a Fade With Your Driver!

If you want to learn how to hit a fade with a driver in 4 easy steps. You’ve come to the right place!

We know how hard it can be to try and master a new golf shot. Yet we also know how much it can add to your golf game.

That’s why we’ve made these 4 easy to follow steps.

We’ve made them as simple as possible, while also making sure you’re getting the information you need to master this golf shot.

Hitting a fade off the tee can enable you to keep your ball in play and hit more fairways. Its a shot that if mastered can really help you become a more consistent golfer.

So make sure to give our 4 steps a read and see if it works for you!

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-4 Key Swing Steps-

  • Your Grip
  • The Set Up & Alignment
  • Swing Path
  • Swing & Tempo

Your Grip

While you can still hit a fade with a stronger grip, it can make it easier to use a weaker grip.

If you want to learn how to hit a fade with a driver this is something you might want to experiment with a little bit and see what works best for you.

Grip- How To hit A Fade With A Driver

In the above image you can see a weak grip on the left and a stronger grip on the right side.

In order to make your grip weaker you want to feel as if your rolling your left hand more to the left. As if the grip of the club is a little bit more in your palm as opposed to your fingers.

As seen above.

You can also feel like your right hand covers the club a bit more to your right. Unlike a strong right hand grip which would be more hooked.

The Set-Up & Alignment

First things first, you want to make sure you have good driver basics within your current set up.

Meaning you have the ball forward in your stance, about an inch or so inside your lead foot.(this being your left foot for right handed players)

You also want to make sure you have a slight tilt in your spine towards your back foot. This will encourage you to hit up on the ball more and get the ball airborne.

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Set Up & Alignment- How To Hit A Fade With A Driver

We have exaggerated the set up in the above image to ensure you understand what needs to happen.

You want to set up with your feet and shoulders aligned slightly to the left. While the club face should remain pointing towards the target. Like seen above.

This will ensure that your clubhead is in an open position in relation to where your body is aiming. The next thing we need to think about is swing path.

Swing Path

Our swing path is a crucial element in learning how to hit a fade with a driver.

We need to swing from outside to in if we want to create a left to right ball flight that start on our intended line.

This step is made a lot easier if you have your set up and alignment in good order!

Swing Path- How To Hit A Fade With A Driver

All you have to think about now is following your foot and shoulder line with your swing path. Providing you keep the club head square to the target, this will create the left to right shot shape.

So on your back swing you should feel as though the club head is moving more away from you (on the outside). While on your thru swing you should feel like your cutting across the ball to the left (on the inside).

This will create the left to right spin that enables you to hit a fade with a driver swing.

Swing & Tempo

Swing & Tempo- How To Hit A Fade With A Driver

So now you have all the key steps and should know how to hit a fade with a driver. However, the work is still not done!

Its very important that you still keep good swing mechanics. You’ve changed your grip, set-up and swing path, now you just need to put a good swing on it!

By this we do not mean falling out of your shoes trying to kill the ball! What you need here is good tempo, just like in any good golf swing.

Its also important to understand that learning how to hit a fade with a driver will take time. Same as any other swing changes might.

Useful Tips- How To Hit a Fade With a Driver

Outside of the necessary swing and set up changes that are needed to hit a fade. You also need to think about two other key areas.

The first thing you need to look at is your equipment.

Trust us when we saw this can have a big impact on your ability to shape the ball, so its best to just double check everything and make sure all is in order!


Another important factor in learning how to hit a a fade with a driver is your equipment.

Its important that your driver does not have any draw bias. Either in the design itself or how you have it set up.

As you probably know already most modern drivers feature customizable club head settings. They allow you to add loft, reduce loft and close down or open the club face.

While this can be very useful, if you want to hit a fade with your driver you need to make sure there’s no draw bias.

Equipment Check

Its generally very straightforward to change these settings. However, if you are in anyway unsure you can always call in to your local pro shop and ask for some assistance.


Practice Range

Finally and most importantly if you really want to learn how to hit a fade with a driver. You’ve got to get on that driving range and drill in that technique!

What we don’t want to happen is you trying this on the golf course, it not working and you getting frustrated. This is a one way ticket to failure.

The only place to perfect this technique is the driving range with a bucket of balls. Be patient unitl you feel like you’ve got the technique down.

Then and only then should you take it all to the golf course.


How Do You Hit a Golf Fade With a Driver?

To hit a fade with your driver you need to create left to right spin on the golf ball. This creates the curvature in the ball flight. The above four steps are easy and straightforward to follow so give them a try!

Is It Easier To Hit a Fade With a Driver?

A lot of beginners actually struggle with a slice which is an exaggerated fade. A slice is not good and not easy to control. Whereas a fade doesn’t curve as much and carrys further.

While it may not seem easy at first, hitting a fade will enable you to hit more fairways and become more accurate.

How Do You Set Up To Hit a Fade?

In order to hit a fade you need to ensure your shoulders and feet are aligned slightly to the left. While your clubhead should still be facing more towards the target.

This will allow you to cut across the ball more and create the left to right curvature.

Is a Fade Good With a Driver?

Hitting a fade with your driver can make you much more accurate from the tee. While a fade shot doesn’t travel as far as a draw, it does tend to be more accurate.

How To Hit a Draw With a Driver?

We have a full post dedicated in helping you learn how to hit a draw with a driver.

Click here to check it out.

Do More Pros Hit a Fade Or Draw?

It really just depends on the player and the shot they are facing. However there are many pros that are famously known repeatedly hitting a fade shot.

In particular Dustin Johnson who is by no means short off the tee!

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