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The Best Chipping Nets In 2021

Get That Practice In!

We all know how important our short game is when were trying to shoot those low rounds.

winter has always been a hard time to practice our chipping skills, however this has never been the case more then it has right right now due to covid-19. In a lot of countries golf courses and practice facilities are closed and even for the few lucky ones that still have access to such resources, probably have adverse weather conditions due to the current time of year.

while we can all agree nothing beats a freshly mowed green, lush fringes and fairways, this just isn’t realistic at the moment. The solution? a golf chipping net! this allows you to still work on your technique, distance control and striking. The great thing about chipping nets are that they firstly, are easily transportable and light weight, secondly, can be set up in door or out the backyard and thirdly, compared to most golf equipment, are reasonably priced. below we have put together a list of the best golf chipping nets available in 2021.

The Best Chipping Net in 2021

the Longridge 4 in 1, credit eBay

The Longridge 4 In 1

what makes the Longridge 4 in 1 our most highly rated chipping net of 2021 is its simplicity and versatility. It is a lightweight and easily transportable chipping net which also boosts 3 different netting options, this net has 4 sides to it. The first side offers the traditional netting with a red centered target which is good for straightforward chipping practice. the second side offers 3 miniature nets located at different heights, this side allows you to differentiate between chip, pitch and lob shots.

The third and fourth sides are very similar but offer a different color scheme and target center, the benefit of these sides would be more so for beginners or for indoor use as they are responsive to foam practice balls. this means that beginners don’t have to worry about breaking a neighbor’s window if they miss the target! the foam golf balls used with these sides also allow for indoor use without the worry of doing any damage that might occur with real golf balls. The Longridge 4 and 1 offers versatility that other chipping nets do not, it also caters for golfers of all levels be it beginners or more advanced and this is why its our No1 rated chipping net of 2021.

Additional information

  • Easily assembled
  • 60cm Diameter
  • Long lasting Material
  • 4 Targets

Runner Up 2021

The Suny Smiling Golf Hitting Net, credit Amazon

The Suny Smiling Golf Net

Another golf chipping net that offers simplicity and versatility. While it is not as versatile as the Longridge 4 in 1, the Suny Smiling golf net still offers the ability to hit different flight trajectories and shot types due to its 3 pocket feature within its netting. the design also allows for the collection of golf balls that do not find one of the 3 pockets thanks to the the inner netting. It has a wide frame which caters to the less accurate shots and a sturdy spring steel base which allows for ultimate steadiness. The Suny Smiling chipping net can be set up outdoor or indoor and also comes with a carry bag.

Additional Information

  • Easily Assembled
  • Folded Size 29 * 29 * 2 cm
  • Long Lasting Material
  • 3 Mini Pockets

Best Budget Chipping Net

Chipping Net by Longridge, Credit Amazon

The Golf Chipping Net By Longridge

This Golf Net fulfills the basic needs of a golfer seeking to improve their chipping target practice, it is easily transportable, suitable for indoor or outdoor. It is also made of good quality material that will last just as long as any of its superior competitors. Of course it can be argued that the other products listed in this piece have superior features which allows for greater chipping diversity.

However, if you are on a budget this product is more than acceptable. At the end of the day, you could have the best chipping facilities in the world and not improve if you don’t put the time in! you get out of it what you put in! baring this in mind, this chipping net will more than suffice for the wintery months or for the duration of time your golf course may be closed.

Optional Alternatives

While the below two product alternatives are not solely for chipping, they are still categorized as golf nets. They offer more variety as you can hit full golf shots with all of your golf clubs. However they are not as good for concentrated target practice as a smaller golf chipping net would be.

2M Golf Hitting Net, credit Amazon

The 2M Golf Hitting Net

Straight away you can tell the difference in size compared to the other nets on our list. This net is made from a high quality nylon material and is capable of taking the impact from real golf balls and full golf swings. There is also a ground sheet built in on the floor, which means less searching for golf balls caught under the net. the pros to this net? being able to use all of your clubs and hit the ball as hard as you like, without the worry of it cutting through the net or missing. This type of net would no doubt keep the neighbor’s windows safe for a little while longer!

Additional Information

  • Durable & Long Lasting Material
  • Large Netting Area
  • Width 2m/78.74in Depth 1.2M/47.24in
  • Easily Assembled
  • Easily Transportable

CROSSFINGERS Golf Net, credit Amazon


This Product is like a hybrid of both a chipping net and a golf hitting net. The crossfingers golf net allows the flexibility of targets for both chipping and full shots. The red target allows for a centralized target useful for full shots, while the 3 pocket targets are useful for chipping and pitching. The crossfingers golf net offers you the ability to hit a wide variety of shots with any given club, it is also made out of a high quality material that can withstand the force of full shots. While this product can be used both indoor and outdoor, unless you have a lot of space and a very easy going household, we recommend sticking to the great outdoors!!

Additional Information

  • Durable Product
  • Large Netting Area
  • After Sales Service (if any product problems were to arise)
  • Easily Assembled
  • Easily Transported


How do I assemble my golf chipping net ? each individual chipping net comes with instructions for assembly.

How much should I spend on a golf chipping net? that largely depends on your budget, if you are on a tight budget, the chipping net by longridge seen above would be a good starting point.

What happens if the product gets damaged and I cant use it anymore? almost all of these products have customer services that can help solve performance issues and repair damages.

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