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The Best Golf Training Aids: for all golfers

The Best Golf Training Aids: for all golfers

fix your bad swing habits and practice smarter with these training aids!

The Best Golf Training Aids- We’ve all been there before. Standing on the driving range hitting shot after shot and not seeing any improvements. Too many of us have fallen victim to wasting hours on the range and not fixing the problem at hand.

To ensure we really are actually improving, our practice needs to be worth while. Nothing makes range time better spent, then working with training aids. Training aids can allow you to feel the right swing movements that you know are correct, no second guessing.

After all if training aids are good enough for tour players, there good enough for us! so check out this list and find the right training aid for you.

-Our List: The Best Golf Training Aids-

Best Overall- Best Golf Training Aids (Super Speed Golf Training System)

Best Overall- Best Golf Training Aids (Super Speed Golf Training System)
Super Speed Golf Training System, Credit Amazon
  • Used By Over 600 Tour Pros Worldwide
  • 3 Pack (3 weighted swing speed sticks)
  • Increases Club Head Speed (5% increase in 6 weeks)
  • Only Requires- 10 Minutes training, 3 Times Per Week
  • Can Be Used Anywhere

Super Speed Golf Training System

No matter the level of golfer or how far you already hit the ball. Everyone wants to squeeze out as much yardage as possible. That’s why the Super Speed Golf Training System is our overall best golf training aid. They even claim that you are basically guaranteed a 5% jump in club head speed after just 6 weeks!.

While the Speed Golf sticks only require 10 minutes of training 3 times per week. It is important that you follow the exact guidelines. Its very important that you keep to the exact amount of reps recommended, no more no less.

The Speed Sticks are weighted clubs that don’t require you to hit actual golf balls. So you can literally use them anywhere! from home or in the office on your break!

Budget- Best Golf Training Aids (Tour Strike Smart Ball)

Best Budget -Tour Strike Smart Ball
Tour Strike Smart Ball, Credit Amazon
  • Improves Body & Arm Synchronization
  • Perfect For Those Who Struggle With The “Chicken Wing”
  • Lengthens & Strengthens Body Pivot

Tour Strike Smart Ball

The Tour Strike Smart Ball is such a simple yet effective training aid. You simply place the thread around your neck and get into your golf posture. You then let the inflated ball rest in-between your arms. The aim here is to keep the ball placed in between your arms while you swing back and through.

This training aid is brilliant for anyone who struggles with connection in the golf swing. Or even the dreaded Chicken wing. If your arm begins to fold or you fail to keep that pressure the ball will fall out of place. Its a simple and measurable way of learning how to turn your body properly through the ball.

This is a training aid that will no doubt improve your ball striking and really up your consistency. Particularly suited to those who struggle to use their arms and body in sync.

Runner Up 1- Best Golf Training Aids (Orange Whip Tempo Trainer )

Runner up-Orange Whip Tempo Trainer
Orange Whip Tempo Trainer, Credit Amazon
  • Voted #1 Teaching & Training Aid By PGA, LPGA Professionals
  • Increases Flexibility & Strength Through Counterweight System
  • Simulates A More Athletic Swing
  • 2 Year Warranty

The Orange Whip Tempo Trainer

The Orange Whip Tempo Trainer is a great training aid for golfers of all levels. Its a brilliant training aid to improve your tempo and get you used to using the right muscles in your golf swing.

There are a few different drills that can be done with the whip. However they key in all these drills is to keep your balance and not let the whip bounce. The beauty of this training aid is its simplicity and don’t think that this is just for beginners or mid handicappers.

The Orange Whip has been featured in many tour players bags! including Ryder cup players Freddie Jacobson and Graeme McDowell. Not to mention former world number 1 and multiple major winner Greg Norman!.

The Orange Whip can be used anywhere you have the space to swing. So no need to go to a driving range or golf course, out the back or in the office will do just fine!.

Runner Up 2- Best Golf Training Aids (FlightScope Mevo)

Runner Up 2 - FlightScope Mevo
FlightScope Mevo, Credit Amazon
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Mevo App
  • Accurate Measurements (provides real time performance data)
  • Can Be Used Indoor Or Outdoor
  • Measures – (Ball speed, carry distance, club head speed, smash factor, vertical launch angle, spin, apex height and light time)
  • Automatic Data And Video ( through your mobile device)

FlightScope Mevo

The FlightScope Mevo is probably best suited to more advanced players. Its not going to help improve your swing or any specific swing faults. What it does do is help you understand your ball flight and improve your distance control. This is why we say its more suited to the lower handicaps. No point buying this unless you’ve developed a some what consistent shot shape and ball flight.

However, for those lower handicappers reading this piece. You know how important distance control is. This is what can really move you on from advanced to elite, particularly with your short irons and wedges.

The FlightScope Mevo is a portable launch monitor, that tracks all your key statistics. Look at it as the budget version of the Trackman, it provides similar data to you through the launch monitor and the Mevo app.

If your interested in more golf products similar to the FlightScope Mevo, check out our post on the best golfing gadgets in 2021.

Premium- Best Golf Training Aids ( EX BV Explanar Golf Swing Trainer)

Premium- Best Golf Training Aids ( EX BV Explanar Golf Swing Trainer)
EX BV Explanar Swing Trainer, Credit Amazon
  • Trains The Key Golf Swing Muscles
  • Feel Your Perfect Biomechanical Swing Plane
  • Considered The Best Golf Training Aid- by Butch Harmon
  • Comes With -(Explanar hoop, plane fin, power roller, mat, plane sensor and a DVD)

EX BV Explanar Golf Swing Trainer

The Explanar is arguably the best golf training aid on this list. However, we chose it as our premium training aid for a reason!. It will set you back substantially more then the other products in this collection.

As you can see in the picture above, you simply step into the arc and rotate backwards and forwards. Just like you would in your regular golf swing. The arc allows you to feel first hand, exactly what your perfect biomechanical swing plane feels like.

The Explanar hoop is fully adjustable to fit your specific height and swing. It can also be adjusted to reflect different swings for each club length, from a driver to wedge. Butch Harmon is a big fan of the Explanar Swing Trainer and even said the explanar is the best practice and teaching training aid ever invented. The Explanar also comes with a DVD to help you get up and running, with clear instruction on how to best use it.

Best Under 40$- Best Golf Training-Aids (Anti-Flip Stick)

Best Under- Best Golf Training-Aids (Anti-Flip Stick)
Anti-Flip Golf Stick, Credit Amazon
  • Impact Corrector
  • Learn How To Compress The Ball
  • Reduce Slices & Hooks
  • Stops Hand Flipping
  • Can Be Used Anywhere

Anti-Flip Golf Stick

The Anti Flip Golf Swing is our favorite training aid for improving the impact position. Its a basic training tool that really does make a difference. You ever wonder how pro golfers compress the ball so much more then the average golfer? a lot of it comes down to their hand position at impact.

Having your hands ahead of the ball allows you to hit down into the back of it. This enables you to have a stronger more piercing ball flight. Most amateur’s hands are equal or even behind the ball sometimes, so a simple training aid like this really helps build muscle memory.

The Anti-Flip Golf Stick allows you to exaggerate this movement of keeping your hands pressed ahead. It can be used on the range hitting half shots or at home taking practice swings. Both will see you build on that muscle memory and hit more compressed golf shots.

Best Under 35$ – Best Golf Training Aids (SKLZ Smash Bag)

Best Under -SKLZ Smash Bag
  • Heavy Duty Impact Bag
  • Fill With Clothes or Towels
  • Can Be Used Anywhere
  • Does Not Damage Clubs

SKLZ Smash Bag

Another great training aid for working on your impact position. The SKLZ Smash Bag is a simple yet affective training aid that can really help your golf game. particularly suited to higher handicappers or those who struggle to develop a solid impact position.

Similarly to the Anti Flip Stick, the SKLZ Bag allows you to generate a stronger impact position with your hands more ahead of the ball. How it works is incredibly straightforward. You simply just fill the bag with towels or clothes and then swing your club into the bag.

Sounds almost too simple, but it gets you used to felling like your hands are ahead of the ball at impact. The clubhead stops as it connects but your hands keep going a little further. This exaggerates the feeling of your hands being ahead and allows for a more compressed impact position.

Alternative Option 1- Best Golf Training Aids (SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer)

Alternative Option- SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer
SKLS Tempo & Golf Grip Trainer, Credit Amazon
  • Training Grip
  • Weighted Head (allows for feel of real golf club)
  • Improves Swing Tempo

SKLZ Tempo & Golf Grip Trainer

This a training aid that is brilliant for beginners or those who struggle with their grip. Golf is all about the fundamentals and its amazing what starting off with the basics right will do. One of the first things we learn is the grip, however you’d be surprised how often you can pick up bad habits.

That’s why solidifying a good golf grip from the start makes such a difference. Repeating swings with the SKLZ grip trainer builds strong muscle memory and develops a technically sound grip.

The weighted head and curved shaft also provides a feel that helps you with your club release on your follow through. The SKLZ tempo and grip trainer is probably the best training aid on our list for beginners. Particularly seen as its not overly expensive.

Alternative Option 2- The Best Golf Training Aids ( G Force 7 Iron)

Alternative option 2 - G Force 7 Iron
  • Eliminates Over The Top Swings
  • Improves Transition
  • Develops Better Tempo
  • Improves Swing Timing

G Force 7 Iron

The G Force 7 iron is very similar to the orange whip Tempo Trainer. While there are slight differences, both improve tempo and timing. What some of you might like more about the G Force 7 iron, is the ability to hit real golf balls with it.

The shaft in the G force 7 iron is extremely flexy, much more so than any golf club you’ve seen before. What this does is, it makes you load up the club correctly and transition your weight more effectively through the shot. if your over using your hands or arms, the whip in the club makes it almost impossible for clean contact. Which is also very useful for those who struggle with over the top swings.

The G force 7 iron forces you to load the back swing and start the downswing correctly. It essentially erases casting and over the top golf swings. The Goal of the game is for you to learn how to use the right body parts and improve your tempo.


What’s the best golf training aid for swing plane? The EX BV Explanar Golf Swing Trainer is for sure the best training aid for swing plane.

What’s the best golf training aid for over the top? The G Force 7 Iron is the best training aid for over the top golf swings. The flexy shaft makes you load the downswing correctly. This results in you coming into the ball square as opposed to over the top.

Which is the best golf training aid for improving distance control? The FlightScope Mevo would be the best choice here. It allows you to measure all your distances and provides a wide amount of other statistic’s. The FlightScope Mevo can be a very useful tool for dialing in distances.

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