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The Best Wedges For High Handicappers

Best Wedges For High Handicappers

No more duffed or thinned chip shots! find the best wedges for you!

Are you sick and tired of losing shots around the greens? tired of hitting duffed or thinned chip shots?. There is a quick and easy solution, start using a wedge more suited to your specific needs!. We put together a list featuring the best wedges for high handicappers. This list contains a variety of wedges that are specifically designed with high handicappers in mind. We discuss each wedge in detail, providing you with the knowledge needed to improve that short game!

In order for you to fully understand wedges and how they work, make sure to check out our post- Wedges Explained: Everything You Need To Know. This post teaches you about the bounce of the club and other important factors to bare in mind when choosing your wedges.

-OUR LIST- The Best wedges for High Handicappers

Overall Best Wedges For High Handicappers – (Cleveland Smart Sole 4)

 Overall Best Wedges For High Handicappers - (Cleveland Smart Sole 4)
Cleveland Smart Sole 4, Credit Amazon
  • Improved Balancing Technology- (for improved feel)
  • Three-Tiered Sole- (enhanced extra wide sole)
  • Milled Groves- (new groove design generates higher spin rates)
  • Newly Added G Wedge- (now available in C,G and S models)

Cleveland Smart Sole 4

As you probably know, Cleveland Golf have always been renowned for there wedges. What they have not generally been known for is forgiving wedges designed for high handicappers. However, this all changed when they introduced their first smart sole model. “Embrace Easy” is the slogan coined by Cleveland for their smart sole modes and its easy to understand why. Cleveland have developed a system of simplifying the short game for high handicappers. The enhanced extra wide sole mean greater forgiveness and no more duffed or thinned chip shots. Each Cleveland Smart Sole wedge has a specific purpose, so don’t be freaked out by the not so traditional loft specifications.

  1. C wedge(42)- is used for chip and run shots around the greens
  2. S wedge(58)- is for shots requiring more loft like flop shots out of bunkers or the rough.
  3. G wedge(50)- is for longer wedge shots that require more distance.

The idea is that you KEEP THINGS EASY, no more worrying what type of shot your going to hit and with what club. Each wedge is designed to hit a certain type of shot, if your short sided or in a bunker and need height? use the S wedge. If you have room to run it in? use the C wedge. If you are further back the fairway and require a longer shot? use the G wedge. We cannot recommend these wedges enough, for those of you out there who really struggle around the greens.

Budget- Best Wedges For High Handicappers (Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack)

Best Budget Wedges- Pinemeadow Pre 3 Pack
Pinemeadow Pre 3 wedge Pack, Credit Amazon
  • Pack of 3 Wedges (52,56,60)
  • Alloy Steel
  • Regular Flex

Pinemeadow Pre 3 Pack Wedges

Golf can be a pretty expensive game, especially for those who only recently started playing. With this in mind, there is no need to splash out on expensive wedges right away!. Particularly if your new to the game and on a budget. If money is a problem these are the wedges for you. The Pinemeadow 3 pack set offers 3 wedges with traditional loft variations.

The pack features a gap wedge (52) a sand wedge (56) and a lob wedge (60), this offers a traditional wedge variation to get you started on the right track. Although a 60 degree is not really recommended for beginners, it is still a great 3 pack deal. Put in the work with these wedges, improve that short game and when the times right get yourself an upgrade!.

Runner Up 1- Best Wedges for High Handicappers (Callaway Sure out 2)

Runner Up 1- Best Wedges for High Handicappers (Callaway Sure out 2)
Callaway Sure Out 2, Credit Amazon
  • Available in 4 lofts (56,58, 60,65)
  • Enhanced Sole Technology
  • Added Heal Relief
  • Full Face Groves (increased spin) 17 full face grooves
  • Step Down Grip (designed by Lamkin)

Callaway Sure Out 2 Wedge

The Sure out 2 was primarily designed for hitting out of bunkers, a shot most high handicappers really struggle with. The new enhanced sole and added heal relief make for easy recovery while in the sand. Similar to the Cleveland Smart Sole, the Callaway Sure 2 out features a wider then usual sole. As a Result, this wider sole is able to manipulate the bounce angle in a way that makes bunker shots much more playable.

While the Sure out 2 sees its greatest results form the sand traps it is also very useful around the greens. The wide sole also means less duffed chip shots from the fringes and fairways, while the groove design also boasts added benefits. The Sure Out 2 features full face groves, 17 of them to be exact!, this aggressive groove pattern creates higher spin rates. Meaning your going to be able to stop the ball a lot quicker, something that we all strive to achieve!.

Another useful feature is the Lamkin step down grip design. This grip design features 3 step down markings which can be used to enhance your distance control. As some of you may already know, the further down you grip it the shorter a distance shot you will hit. So having quick and recognizable markings will allow you to achieve more consistent distance control.

The only downside to these wedges is that they’re only available from a 56 up to 65 degree. So no gap wedge or 54 degree, but no doubt still a great investment if your struggling from the sand and around the greens!

Runner Up 2 -Best Wedges For High Handicappers (Cleveland CBX 2 cavity back)

Cleveland CBX 2 Cavity Back, Credit Amazon
  • Dynamic Sole Design
  • Hollow Cavity (for better weight distribution)
  • Feel Balancing Technology
  • Tour Zip Grooves
  • Face Milled

Cleveland CBX 2 Cavity Back-

Another entry on our list from Cleveland. The CBX 2 cavity back offers incredible forgiveness and a bit more freedom compared to the smart sole. What we mean by this is that it caters more to the mid-high handicappers as opposed to just the high. The reason for this is the cavity back feature, this provides a level of forgiveness but also some shot making ability. The smart sole 4 and sure out 2 have significantly large sole, which offer great forgiveness but less versatility.

That’s also why if your a beginner the CBX is a much better choice, with these you wont be restricted in your learning. As your games improving you’ll understand how using the bounce and manipulating the club face can allow you to hit different shots. The CBX wedge will allow you this development along with some added forgiveness other wedges would not.

The CBX also features tour zip grooves and a spin milled face so if your not getting that backspin its not the clubs fault!.

Best Premium- Best Wedges For High Handicappers (Taylormade Golf Bigfoot Wide Sole Wedge)

Best Premium- Best Wedges For High Handicappers (Taylormade Golf Bigfoot Wide Sole Wedge)
Taylormade Golf Bigfoot Wide Sole, Credit Amazon
  • Available Lofts 58,60
  • Optional Steel Or Graphite Shafts
  • Anti-Dig Leading Edge
  • Enhanced Wide Sole
  • Hi Toe Design
  • Milled Grind
  • Full Face Scoring Lines

Taylormade Golf Bigfoot Wide Sole Wedge

Taylormade have truly become the out and out leader in golf club manufacturing, constantly coming up with new innovative designs. The Bigfoot wide sole is one of their latest inventions and certainly does not disappoint. This is the perfect club for those looking for a top of the range wedge and don’t mind spending the extra money.

There are a number of impressive features in the Bigfoot wide sole wedge, firstly well look at the sole. Taylormade have designed an asymmetric c-grind sole along with an anti dig leading edge, these two features combine to provide greater forgiveness from difficult positions. The Deep CG pockets redistribute weight lower in the club face, as a result this increases control and spin levels. Taylormade have also moved away from their traditional wedge shape, instead incorporating a Hi-Toe design. This increases the overall toe height 5mm, this creates a higher center of gravity. This results in lower launch angles and higher spin rates.

The full face scoring lines allow for greater consistency and more spin when hitting out of high rough. This feature also provides forgiveness for off center shots. All and all the Taylormade Bigfoot Wide Sole is a very impressive piece of equipment and well worth the price tag, if you have the money that is!.

Seniors- Best Wedges for High Handicappers (Square Strike Wedge)

Square Strike Wedge, Credit Amazon
  • Available In 35,45 & 55 Degrees
  • Enhanced Wide Sole
  • Fully Legal (for all competition & tournament play)
  • Use With A Putting Stroke Technique
  • Takes Hands Out Of The Chipping Action
  • 35 Inch In Shaft Length

Square Strike Wedge

The Square Strike wedge is a great club for those who might not have the same level of short game skills that they once had. As we get older its hard to be as precise with ball striking as we once were!, that’s why the square strike wedge is perfect for senior players. This is particularly the case around the greens, good wedge play and chipping demands a high level of skill. What makes the Square Strike wedge so great is that it takes the hands out of the chipping action.

The shaft is 35 inches similar to a lot of putters, this enables you to get closer to the ball, take a square stance and use a pendulum style putting stroke. As a result, the hands are taking out of the equation and along with the loft of the club face, the putting style stroke lofts the ball in the air. This provides you with a more consistent action that can be easily repeated time and time again.

The Square Strike wedge is also fully legal for all competition and tournament play. So those playing competitors will have nothing to complain about when your knocking your chip shots inside them!.

Best Under 100-Best Wedges For High Handicappers- (C3i Wedge)

C3i Wedge- Best under 100
C3i Wedge, Credit Amazon
  • Available Lofts (55,59,65)
  • Alloy Steel Shaft
  • Enhanced Wide Sole
  • Reduce Interaction With Turf (extra curve & beveled leading edge)
  • Enhanced Hosel & Heel Design (less drag and catching through rough)
  • Set Up & Aim Directly At Target (no need to aim left or open club face)
  • Fully Legal (for all competition and tournament play)
  • 1 Year Warranty

C3i Wedge

The C3i wedge is a get out of jail free card for those who really struggle getting the ball in the air. The design of the C3i enables you to loft the ball in the air without having to dig or open the face. The beveled leading edge means that you have reduced contact with the underlying ground, as a result leading to less friction and cleaner strikes. While the C3i wedge is effective from all greenside areas, it is particularly useful from bunkers. The auto glide sole effortlessly cuts through sand and reduces digging, so much so that it featured in golf digest “top 5 wedges to hit better sand shots”.

The one downside to the C3i wedges is that there only available from 55 degree and up. So no gap wedge if this is a normal feature in your golf bag. However, the C3i is fully legal for all competition and tournament play so even adding one of these wedges might really help your game!

Best Under 70- Best Wedges For High Handicappers (xE1 Wedge)

XE1 - Best Under 70
xE1 Wedge, Credit Amazon
  • Available Lofts (59,65)
  • Steel Shaft
  • Auto Glide Sole
  • Repositioned Sole Mass
  • Rounded Leading Edge (less friction with turf)
  • Set Up & Aim Straight At Target (no need to aim left or open club face)
  • Fully Legal (for all competition and tournament play)
  • 1 Year Warranty

xE1 Wedge

The xE1 wedge is very similar to the C3i, both feature similar designs and garner best results from sand traps. The main difference here is the pricing, the xE1 is a slightly older model and probably isn’t as attractive a club as the C3i. However it will get you virtually the exact same results and at the end of the day, that’s what really counts!

The xE1 features an auto glide sole, making bunker shots a lot easier by reducing digging. A rounded leading edge allows for less friction when hitting from the rough, hence cleaner and crisper contact. The xE1 is also designed to be hit with a square stance and square club face. Meaning no more opening the face trying to cut the legs from under the ball! the club does the work for you and lofts the ball upwards. Again a feature with these type of clubs is no real loft availability, 59 and 65 are your only options here.

-More Great Options-

There are so many great choices for high handicappers when looking at wedges, not all could make our top list. However, we simply had to include the wedges featured below as all have very similar qualities to our top picks.

Option 1-Best Wedges For High Handicappers (Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge)

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge
Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge, Credit Amazon
  • Available Lofts (46,48,50,52,54,56,58,60)
  • Large Variety Of Bounce Variations
  • Groove In Groove Technology
  • Alloy Steel Shaft
  • Optional Finish Style (platinum chrome or black matte finish)
  • Cavity Back Design (Greater Forgiveness)

Callaway Mack Daddy CB

The Mack Daddy CB wedge is a great club for those high handicappers who need forgiveness, but also desire flexibility with their shot selection. The cavity back provides this forgiveness but doesn’t restrict you to one particular shot type. Basically, the Mack Daddy CB wedge is for high handicap players who have stronger short games than the standard high handicapper.

As we know, we all have different strengths and weakness, no matter our handicap bracket or playing ability. So if your in this group of high handicappers the Mack Daddy CB is a great club for you. The cavity back makes the Mack Daddy feel more like an iron providing ultimate forgiveness. While the groove in groove technology enables you to generate high amounts of spin for ultimate control.

Depending on your chosen loft, there are two different groove designs. 46 – 52 degrees feature conventional grooves, while 54- 60 degrees feature full face grooves. The latter generating even higher amounts of spin, which is very useful on those shorter approach shots.

Option 2- Best Wedges For High Handicappers (Titleist Vokey SM8)

Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge
Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge, Credit Amazon
  • Wide Availability Of Finishes (tour chrome, brushed steel, jet black, raw, slate blue)
  • Wide Availability Of Loft, Bounce & Grind Variations
  • Improved Distance & Path Control
  • Maximum Spin & Ultimate Control

Titleist Vokey SM8

The Vokey models have been a name synonymous with high quality wedges for years now. For this reason they simply could not be left out of this list, even if there not fully tailored to the higher handicapper.

However by choosing the right bounce and grind variations, you can still find an SM8 wedge more suited to your needs. In fact on the Titleist website they have a wedge selector tool, this can advice you on which grind and bounce variation is best suited to your golf swing.

So for this reason, if your a fan of Titleist clubs and more importantly Vokey wedges, why not try out their selector tool?. Which you can try by clicking here.


Do High Handicappers Need A Lob Wedge? Yes a lob wedge is very useful for high handicappers who struggle around the greens and out of sand traps. We would recommend keeping it to no more then 60 degrees of loft and making sure it has a wide sole design.

What Wedges Should A Beginner Carry? We would recommend a Beginner should carry a total of 3 wedges including a pitching wedge. ideally a PW(48), GW(52) and SW(56). This variation would give you a great start and you can always add and change as you progress!.

What are the Best Wedges For Seniors? Depending on your playing ability it can vary, however the Square Strike Wedge is a great overall option as it takes the hands out of the chipping action. the square strike wedge can certainly save shots around the greens!.

What Are The Best Wedges For Mid Handicappers? From the list above, we would recommend the Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedge. The Taylormade Bigfoot Wide Sole would also be a great option, both these models provide forgiveness but doesn’t restrict your shot making.

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